Admin Modules & Custom Development


All the utilities/services are comprised into this module. The services we provide can be customized as per the client requirement as and when required.

Attendance, Task and Log Management

It helps in efficient task & attendance management of the hospital staff. It can calculate working hours of the employees or 3rd party vendors and keep a track of the tasks assigned & present status of the same. Time taken to complete any particular task can be monitored and improvised as per the project deadlines. Managers can give feedback on the status of the project or task assigned. Employee check-in and check-out can be maintained easily with our application as well as the browser. Employees can accept and reject the task given to them. Once accepted, they will have to show their status by the end of the day. Their timing can be effectively managed within the premises as well as outside the office premises.

Following are few of the expertise provided by our Attendance Management System software products:

  • This product helps to track and observe staff compliance with job schedules.
  • Easy management of employee attendance.
  • Calculate timecards/hours worked by an employee.

Employee Task Management:

  • Helps in improving efficiency by planning specific tasks for each employee.
  • Employers can also keep a track of time taken for the tasks assigned.
  • Real-time alerts for timely actions.
  • Also useful in projecting future scope and time required.

This software ultimately helps to know how much the employees are working and manages work log and task assigned to them. The attendance is logged along with GPS location.

HRMS Software

The HRMS integrates core & ‘good to have’ HR functions into one simple solution. It simplifies the administrative process and recruitment processes

Below are the features of this software:

  • Efficiently manage the job applications and candidate information
  • Job requirements and applications can be positioned on job portals
  • Keep a record of employee benefits and their payment schedules
  • Handle the documentation of the new & existing employees effortlessly

Payroll Management

This software helps to maintain accurate payroll records.

  • Employee salaries/wages, their bonus & deductions can be maintained properly
  • Annual report of all employee related data points can be summarized and presented easily
  • Employee gratuity & provident fund can be tracked
  • Leave balances, notice period of an employee and related information can be managed properly

iOS & Android Application Development

  • We build and design iOS & Android applications with the help of our team consisting of creative designers & developers.
  • Our team works on a faster development process giving the best results to or clients
  • We build apps on expressive and flexible UI