Healthcare and Technology Trends

Technology has reshaped the healthcare ecosystem and has brought a lot of innovations within the domain. The development of new devices & equipment using BI tools, along with AI & ML technology, has dramatically improved healthcare data outcomes. These ‘enabled’ devices have made it possible to keep track of major health issues and be proactive in taking preventive measures. Few of the devices which offer effective changes and convenience:

Wearable Fitness Bands & Smart Watches:

Many brands have introduced Health & Fitness tracking bands. Apple, Garmin, Fitbit, Xiaomi, Samsung are the leading players but new companies are making their presence felt in recent times. Standard features include sleep tracking, heartbeat & BP monitoring, monitoring physical activity levels/calorie burn, timely alerts and much more. The smart-watches are preferred over fitness bands as smart-watches also have additional characteristics like displaying time, read notifications, make phone calls & send simple messages.

Wearable Health Devices:

Some health devices are specially designed for females to keep track of their menstrual health. It has features that track the menstrual cycle, indicate the ovulation period and also helps in monitoring the weight, sleep and stress levels of any pregnant woman. Wearable ECG Monitors help in monitoring the cardio condition while an Oximeter helps in monitoring a person’s blood oxygen levels. These health devices have made it very convenient to keep track of the health condition and help us keep the anxiety levels down.

Publisher Name: eHealthFlex team

Date: 05-11-2020