Diet and Lifestyle

We live in a period of time where life is fast-paced. We want quick results for whatever we do. The chase behind productivity and our goals often blind us from taking care of our health. People rely on Instant and processed foods to save more time following an easy lifestyle. Our leisure activities, occupation, and lifestyle have become sedentary. We find no time to exercise right or involve ourselves in an activity that is gadget-free. As a result of this sedentary lifestyle, several lifestyle diseases such as Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, thyroid dysfunction, etc. occur. Nowadays, these diseases are common and are not restricted to a specific age group.

And here is where we get to see, the invasion of the “crash diets”. People want to enroll themselves in a crash diet which gives them immediate weight loss results. So they generally opt for a diet that is not time-consuming. There are different varieties of diets to lose fat within a month or in weeks. Diets like the Keto diet, Low carb diet, Mediterranean diet, Paleo diet, etc. are examples of such diets that are popular today. The advantage of such diets is, you would lose weight in a shorter span. The drawback is that the weight loss is not permanent and once you start following your regular food habits, there are higher chances of regaining more weight. People also tend to lose good muscle tissue instead of unwanted fat. The rebound effect could be severe.

Some studies recommend that people wanting to lose fat permanently, should have patience and stick to a balanced diet with proper nutrition containing adequate amounts of good carbs, proteins, and vitamins without omitting any of them along with good exercise. Diet without physical activity is meaningless. With proper exercise, one can eat their favorite dessert or snack without any guilt. It reduces stress to the mind and body and supports a healthy lifestyle.

Publisher Name: eHealthFlex team

Date: 14-12-2020