Virtual Healthcare

The pandemic has affected the lives of many, including patients & treatment seekers. One of the things which has seen tremendous rise in demand is virtual healthcare. sThe demand for virtual healthcare has led to a fundamental change in the traditional healthcare methods. Consultation with doctors and nurses have all become online and virtual

Virtual Healthcare is a wider concept that includes components like teleconsultation, equipment-based remote monitoring of the patient, etc.

  • The hospital visits have now turned into virtual visits through video conferencing and communication via technology
  • The interaction between the patient and doctors are through telephonic calls, video conferencing and conferences via different software applications
  • The health situations can be monitored remotely on a day-to-day basis
  • On the contrary, the high risk and critical treatment cannot be carried out virtually but remote support, with the healthcare service provider, minimizes the risk of an increase in severity of the condition
  • The concept of virtual care & Tele Health has reduced travel expense of the patient and obviously it saves time and energy as well
  • The use of virtual health care in the times of COVID-19 can be beneficial to avoid the spread of the virus

It is observed that access to virtual healthcare has led to satisfaction amongst the people. The growing internet penetration in rural areas is changing the perspective of healthcare delivery for the common man

Publisher Name: eHealthFlex team

Date: 20-01-2021