Digitization of Healthcare System in India: Open Digital Ecosystem

As COVID-19 strike the world, the healthcare ecosystems across the globe underwent dynamic changes rapidly. This pandemic has brought the attention of the experts across genres towards the need to strengthen healthcare infrastructure in India by getting innovative and effective solutions

With this, it has also motivated us to accept digital healthcare solutions as a viable alternative to traditional healthcare delivery models. Adopting digital solutions is the smartest way for India to achieve its “health for all” goal via the care pathway of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure

One of such solutions is the ‘Open Digital health Ecosystem’ that can direct us towards the empowerment of the healthcare system in India

  • Digital technology can be a key enabler in creating an integrated healthcare system that puts the patient at the centre of all solutions to deliver accessible, comprehensive, high-quality, and affordable care
  • The absence of a reliable data repository to help verify a health facility or a doctor is one of the biggest roadblocks for quality care. Introducing “Health registries” as the single source of truth for all stakeholders in the health ecosystem will increase trust and credibility. Another blockage that impacts healthcare is when the patient history is lost across disparate health data systems. Interoperability in data systems will help to make coordinated care that’ll offer patients to share their digital health records across providers and also to easily switch providers without losing continuity of care
  • Standardized claim processing will allow for faster and cheaper settlement of claims such as e-claim form, discharge summary, etc. through auto adjudication and easier fraud prevention. Also, the digitization of a provider’s treatment advice will ease the claim processing for providers and payers. E-prescriptions will be helpful to maintain longitudinal digital health records and to provide consent-based access to doctors and hospitals for better quality care. At last, digital platforms within Healthcare aims to build new and innovative solutions, which will be open and accessible by all entities and will pave the way for the development of patient-centric innovations.

Publisher Name: eHealthFlex Team

Date: 20-07-2021