Factors affecting the Medical Tourism in India

It is not always the western countries that are well-known for their medical destination. Asian countries attract many tourists because of their less expensive treatment and quality healthcare. The developing countries play a vital role in medical tourism amongst which India is a prominent name

Governmental support, the intervention of private hospitals and foreign aids have led to substantial growth in medical tourism in India. Many factors influence health tourism in India. A brief understanding of the factors is highlighted in the section below

  • Destination Competitiveness: The climate surroundings, environmental factors, flora and fauna, quality of management, quality of healthcare and historic attractions is a few of the factors that help India to gain a competitive advantage in the medical tourism industry. Moreover, the cost-effective structure for a medical facility in India has raised the bars of competitiveness. Furthermore, India is socially, environmentally, culturally, and politically friendly that makes it highly competitive in the market
  • Quality of Service Provided: The medical tourists highly focus on the quality of service that will be provided. The destination needs to fulfil the expectations of the medical tourists and provide them with quality service. Five important aspects need to be considered while measuring the quality of the service that will be provided. Responsiveness, assurance, reliability, tangibles, and empathy are the dimensions that need to be fulfilled
  • The attitude of the Tourists: The attitude of the tourists is important for the destinations to get success. Customer behaviour, age group, social class, ethnicity. Also, politics, religion, food, and clothing are amongst the vital factors that define the attitude of tourists. Considering these factors, the business owners need to design their business in a way that will create positivity in the customers. It is seen that major and minor decisions are affected by the attitude of the tourists
  • Cost: This is one of the crucial aspects that consumers are concerned about. It is the price of the service or product that defines the level of satisfaction for the customers. Price should be customer-friendly, and it should not exceed the level of customer expectation. The cost of medical tourism includes medical services, cost of accommodation, transportation and much more. All these costs should be designed in a way that attracts the customers. Considering all the above factors, India can be a highly successful health tourism destination. Quality services, the attitude of the customers and cost can be responsible for shaping the success. We at eHealthFlex take utmost care to minimize the drawbacks and provide quality services in medical tourism to both medical tourists and healthcare providers. Flex-MT intends to provide an integrated platform to patients who are looking for better treatment options in other parts of the country or world

Publisher Name: eHealthFlex Team

Date: 20-11-2021