In-Patient Department


The ‘In-patient Department’ manages treatment details of an admitted patient in the Hospital. It captures all medication and procedures the patients are subjected to by the surgeon/doctor. In addition, it also records the entries made by nursing staff about medicine administered & the schedule, all major doctor consultations done on clinical complications observed and changes in treatment methods. It is important to capture all these details both for patient assurance & legal compliance, as well as for Insurance company information.

Tasks like complete details of the patient’s admission, allocation of beds, internal transfers, consulting doctor details with observation of nursing staff and discharge summary can be maintained smoothly.

Ultimately, using this software results in a useful workflow and record/bill management process. It enhances the transparency quotient & working of the hospital system.

  • Admin:
    • Manage Rooms / Beds
    • Manage Billing Categories
    • Manage IPD Services
    • Manage IPD Staff Schedule
  • Admissions, Transfer and Discharge
  • Operation timings and OT Bookings
  • Diet Management Template
  • MIS:
    • Admission Register
    • Discharge Register
    • Prescription Register
    • Current Hospital IPD Patient Register
    • IPD Billing Report
    • IPD Payment Report
    • Refund Report
    • OT Bookings Register

Out-Patient Department


The effective patient-registration, without any manual help, is possible with the help of out-patient department management system software. This reduces the time and efforts required in the digital maintenance of patient data.

When a patient visits a doctor for minor/regular treatment requirement, which doesn’t requires admission, s/he is considered as out-patient. The out-patient department handles the patient appointment, health history, doctor diagnosis, tests & medicines prescribed and online records management simplifying the treatment process. Even if this patient approaches other healthcare providers, his health history can be maintained and followed-up in a timely fashion. OPD also makes it simpler in managing patient appointments and avoiding long waiting queues.

Appointment Scheduling / Work Order Creation for Walk-ins

  • By Service / Doctor/Modality
  • Option to cancel / update appointment
  • Confirmation SMS / E-mails sent on setup
  • Search by Mobile Number option or UID along with Name
  • Referral Tracking

Laboratory Management System


Maintaining laboratory records has become vital and people like to keep it handy, especially if they are seeking second opinion or changing the consulting doctor altogether. Pathological samples, suggested tests and test reports are all so well managed digitally today, which is another example of technology revolution in healthcare. A patient can easily book pathological test online, get samples collected from home and get his report digitally, irrespective of his location, without stepping out.

If a patient is traveling and wants to share his test records with any other doctor, he can easily log in to his pathological data online and share the same. The pathological test reports generated are sent through email reducing the paperwork and also helps in keeping the data centralized.

  • Option to register new patient independently & generate bill/report
  • Separate login for collection agent/office staff and Lab technician
  • Reports can be saved, shared in real time
  • SMS/Email integration to send reminders & alerts
  • Radiology PACS, reporting , control of the report
  • Lab/Pharmacy/Dialysis - Integrate with other outsourced department software

Pharmacy Management System


Pharmacy Management can be integrated with hospital HIMS or can be maintained separately, as per hospital owners wish. This is true for billing of the Pharmacy as well.

Our software offers this well-integrated module to regulate the procurement of medicines. The module also offers stock management and over the counter medicine disbursement by looking at the availability & pricing of the requested drugs. This ultimately saves time, effort and makes sure the margin of error is minimum.

  • Stock Management system built into the solution
  • Option to register new patient independently & generate bill
  • Option to change/replace drug at store in case required
  • Local tax compliant billing
  • Option to give discounts
  • Manage supplier list & details

Inventory and Stock Management System


Our Hospital Management software offers a dedicated Inventory Management System. The system provides for a well-managed module to handle procurement, vendor selection and optimum stock levels of necessary usable/equipment. Purchase requests can be generated by stores. Quotations can be sent and invoices received according to the requirement. Receiving orders from various vendors can be well maintained.

  • Masters:
    • Mapping for Auto-Debit of Product from department/central stock to Service
    • Create and Track Purchase Orders
    • Accept Partial and Complete delivery and track status with Batch Nos. / Expiry with option to reject delivery
  • Usage from main stock level:
    • Reports for all transactions based above
    • Expiry Management
    • Threshold based alerts
    • First in First out flow with option to edit batch no used
    • General store request , approval , indent issue , report of stock , consumption

Billing Solutions


This module is of utmost importance and has to be perfect under all circumstances. It helps in maintaining patient bills, insurance bills, reimbursements/refunds, tracking down the number of daily patients and matching account bills respectively. It is compliant with all local and central tax calculations.

  • Bill is generated automatically for given schedule with option to update
  • Add / Update Tax / Discount in Bill
  • Select between multiple billing rates (Normal / Loyalty Card Holder) or based on channel / channel partner rate
  • Capture payments from patient / insurer with mode of payment and payment details with Option to add multiple payments over time
  • Add Bill stand-alone from an appointment for a given patient
  • Manage and Update your internal service and rate list
  • Credit billing handling cash to insurance change , change one insurance to other , non-medical items and co-payment handing , advance handing
  • Insurance due and collection

Online Consultation Platform

  • Tele Consultation tool:
    • Audio/Video/Screen Share/Recording/Multiple Participants
    • e-Prescription, along with Diagnosis details
    • EMR/EHR storage & retrieval of data
    • Appointment Scheduling Module
    • Billing module, with revenue sharing screen
    • Admin Panel with all Master categories defined
    • Integration with any medical equipment, for capturing vitals
  • Reference tracking – Dr./Lab/Pharmacy/Clinic
  • Language translation options
  • Patient Portal
  • Generate receipt & Print option
  • ICD-10 and CPT codes integration
  • Enable data integration with other EMR’s