Our Advisory

We work with domain experts, practitioners in specific technology or sector, thought leaders of respective industries and our solution partners to deliver the customized solution to each of our client. Our team comprise of reputed professionals who are often quoted in research papers and industry publications. They bring a wealth of experience & knowledge in their area of expertise and help us formulate the ‘best fit’ solution in accordance with the project requirement. On special request and as per client needs, we do arrange consulting or Q&A sessions with selected executives.

eHealthFlex front ends as ‘The solution provider’ for all client projects and takes responsibility of delivering a satisfactory resolution. We take a consultative approach to client’s pain points and suggest solutions, which might be a permutation combination of offerings coming from more than one vendor or consultant. This ‘Platform’ approach, of offering a comprehensive solution, without a single vendor dependency has found wide acceptance in today’s world and we are working towards the next generation of domain centric platforms.