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Looking for a stress-free medical journey? Juggling around to get the best treatment overseas? No worries! We are here to guide you throughout your medical journey and provide support for medical tourists

The urge for development in the medical tourism industry has given rise to many technology-driven solutions. We at eHealthFlex provide you with solutions that will fulfil all your medical needs and make it simpler for medical tourists. Our vivid services are available for you the moment you choose us. We provide services like Doctor/Facility selection, Travel plans, Logistics options, language interpreter and compliance. Our services are also available for healthcare providers. Here are a few salient features and services that we provide to medical travelers and healthcare providers.

We benefit medical-travelers in the following ways:

  • We aid in finding the best doctors and hospitals in India and around the globe. We help in finding the best treatment options
  • The accommodation and travel are on us. We take utmost care to give the best accommodation and travel facilities for medical travellers, tourists
  • We help with local services for overseas patients in India
  • Medical tourists can get cost-effective treatment options
  • We also provide language interpreters for medical tourists
  • The facility of local SIM for medical tourists and banking assistance are amongst the prominent services that we will be providing
  • We also assist in tours and excursions after the treatment at affordable prices
  • We have attractive packages that can be customized as per the requirement

We benefit health-care providers in the following ways:

  • The expert services provided by the medical professionals are well articulated & transparently represented on our Platform
  • Our sophisticated Hospital software will make it easier for doctors and healthcare providers to attract maximum medical tourists
  • Connecting with the patients is convenient with our medical tourism platform
  • We also provide healthcare providers with customized solutions as per their requirements.
  • The Hospitals and Clinics can highlight their unique specializations/Offerings on eHF Platform which they are so proud of
  • We also assist the healthcare providers with the customized solutions as per their requirements

eHealthFlex is a complete package with technology-driven solutions both for medical tourists and health care providers. Our comprehensive services will make it favourable for the medical traveller to rely upon medical assistance and guidance throughout

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