Hospital Information Management System


HIMS comprises of all major department modules required for efficient and productive working of any hospital environment. This reduces the dependency on paperwork, minimizes manual errors & helps in optimum usage of time & resources.

USP’s of Hospital Software by eHealthFlex:

  • 2 kind of Applications:
    • Lite application for smaller or simpler/local setups;
    • comparatively heavier/layered application for complicated & large corporate hospital setups, government departments
  • Offers choice of technology mix (to client) for customized development of any Application
  • iOS and android App development for any module, as per requirement
  • Application screens can be translated into different languages
  • Add-on modules like HRMS, Attendance & Log management, Payroll, Inventory & Stock Management are available along with all Hospital management modules
  • Global data compliance norms are fulfilled
  • Highly flexible in terms of pricing and delivery model; both license & subscription model available
  • Can be integrated with any existing solution and medical device/equipment through API’s
  • Standard support offered within the first year; premium 24x7 support also available

In-Patient Department

This module captures all details; admissions, allocation of beds/rooms, all treatment procedures, medicine administered and discharge process. Read More….

Out-Patient Management

Managing patient appointments, the health history of the patients, getting diagnosis done accordingly and suggesting the medicines/tests required, can be carried out with the help of OPD Management. The number of visits can also be monitored. Read More….

Lab Information Management

Pathological samples, suggested tests and test reports are all so well managed digitally today, which is another example of technology revolution in healthcare. Read More….

Pharmacy Management

This well-integrated module manage & overlook the stock, supply and allocation of medicines to OPD/IPD as well as walk-ins; together with tax compliant billing. Read More….

Inventory or Stock Management

The system provides for a well-managed module to handle procurement, vendor selection and optimum stock levels of necessary usable/equipment. Read More….

Billing Solutions

This is useful in maintaining information on patient billing in various departments. It also helps in tracking down the number of daily patients and matching account bills respectively. It is compliant with all local and central tax calculations. Read More….

Online consultation Platform

Don’t let any pandemic affect your medical practice – Patients need your expertise & support more than ever before. Use our Tele-Consultation platform to treat the needy and contribute to the community. Read More….