Precautions to be taken in Monsoon

Monsoon is all set to come. It’s very pleasant weather which gives us relief from the heat. But along with delightful feelings, it also brings along various viral infections. This can lead to stomach infection, flu, and many water-borne diseases. Therefore it is very important to protect yourselves & avoid falling prey to these contagious and viral infections. Few precautions which can be taken are briefly mentioned below.

Stay Hydrated:

We often tend to feel less thirsty in monsoons and do not drink a lot of water. This leads to a deficiency of water in our body which eventually results in dehydration. Hence, we must drink lots and lots of water daily.

Drink Boiled Water:

Apart from consuming water in large volumes, it is very essential to boil the water before drinking. Make sure, you boil the water thoroughly as there is a high probability of getting contaminated water in monsoons. Drinking contaminated water can lead to various water-borne diseases/infections.

Eat Healthy Food:

Make it a habit to eat lots of fruits and veggies. Eating healthy food can help you boost your immunity and keep you safe from illness. Avoid eating junk/street foods and uncooked food. Also, it is very important to wash the vegetables and fruits thoroughly with clean water.

Stay Clean and Safe:

Health issues faced due to mosquito bites are very high in this season. So, one must use mosquito nets and repellents to keep them away. Moreover, it is also necessary to maintain hygiene to stay away from various allergies.

You need to keep yourself protected and take the above-mentioned precautions before welcoming the monsoon.

Eat healthily, stay fit, and stay safe.

Publisher Name: eHealthFlex team

Date: 14-07-2020