Relationships, Mental Health & Loneliness

“Where there is love, there is life”

Quality of your relationships affect your level of happiness, irrespective of the type of relationships you prefer to be in. It also affects your mental wellness and physical health. Humans are wired for connections. Hence, it's natural to get happy and comfortable in relationships be it intimate or social one. We feel loved and valued. A healthy relationship impacts an individual positively and helps to boosts their self-esteem and empathy. This also results in lower rates of anxiety & depression. Moreover, it strengthens your immune system & helping you to recover from any illness. It lengthens your life.

Research has shown that negative social interactions & relationships increase anxiety, depression and also suicidal inclination. This also leads to loneliness. Loneliness is termed as feeling alone despite being surrounded by people. On the other hand, few people prefer to stay away from the crowd/chaos and are found happy staying alone; these people cannot be considered lonely.

How to deal with Loneliness?

Few guidelines which help us tackle loneliness successfully:

  • Try to meet, communicate and socialize more with your peers/friends
  • Share your emotions/feelings with the ones who are close
  • Involve yourself in activities which can boost your morale or make you happy
  • Meditate to release all your stress
  • Exercise or indulge in some physical activity to keep your mind & body fit
  • Invest more time towards the current relationships you value; It’s a good way to help both your well-being & happiness
  • Practice gratitude; this is an effective way to nurture your bond. Thanking and appreciating the efforts of your partner/relation can make them feel good and valuable.

A relationship that lets you grow and groom your personality from within is the most trustworthy one. In nutshell, this holistic approach can help you cope with any mental illness and add up years to your life.

Publisher Name: eHealthFlex team

Date: 28-07-2020